The Great Nottingham Duck Race

Great Nottingham Duck Race
Organised by Rotary Clubs of Trent Bridge & Long Eaton Dawnbreakers
In Partnership With Our Main Sponsor - John A Stephens Ltd.

Our 2019 Duck Race is on Sunday 4th August

1. The event will be organised by members of the Rotary Clubs of Carlton and Trent Bridge and will take place during the Nottingham Riverside Festival at around 4.30 pm on Sunday 6th August 2017.

2. Plastic ducks will be floated down the River Trent from the Suspension Bridge to a designated finishing point. The precise position of the finishing point will depend upon the weather and speed of the river and will be at the absolute discretion of the organisers.

3. Tickets for the Duck Race will be available for purchase from the organisers at various locations around Nottingham and from Stalls at the Riverside Festival. The precise locations of the sale points are at the organiser’s discretion.

4. Tickets will be available for purchase until 4.15 pm on the day of the Race.

5. Each ticket will cost £2 and Corporate Duck Tickets will cost £25. The reference number on each ticket will be linked by the organisers with a number marked on each duck.   A gift aid claim will be made under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) for half of the purchase of each ticket price.

6. Different coloured ducks will be used for the public ducks and the corporate ducks. It is planned that the £2 ducks will be yellow and £25 ducks green. Ducks can only win prizes in their own category.

7. Prizes will be awarded to the ducks that float down the river and reach the finishing point first. The winning ducks will be removed from the river by nominated representatives from the organisers and the decision of the nominated representatives on the winner and subsequent positions is final.

8. The organisers will endeavour to ensure a fair race, there are a number of circumstances in which an element of luck will favour a winning duck or adversely affect other ducks. In particular:

8.1 The organisers will endeavour to place all the ducks in the water at or about the same time and place. However if a duck fails to enter the water appropriately it may have a reduced chance.

8.2 Ducks may be carried by the current into the bank or another obstruction

8.3 If a group of ducks arrive at the finish together, it may be necessary to select winners and ignore similarly placed ducks.

8.4 The organisers plan, as far as possible, is to use ducks that are of the same size and shape.

8.5 There may be other unforeseen circumstances.

8.6The organisers may disqualify any duck that is interfered with by anyone, or for any other reason at their discretion. 

8.7 The organisers will try to contact all winning owners. The names of the winners will be placed on this website, will be submitted to the Nottingham Evening Post or can be obtained from the Promoter. 

8.8 Members of Rotary Clubs of Carlton and Trent Bridge will make other decisions concerning the race and the dispersal of funds. 

9. While the majority of costs involved in organising this race have been covered by sponsors, the Rotary club reserves the right to deduct expenses prior to passing money to other charities. 

10. The members of the Rotary Clubs of Carlton and Trent Bridge will approve the dispersal of monies raised. The referral to those charities that have been supported recently shown on the tickets and this website does not bind the club to provide any funds raised from this event to particular organisations. 

11 Any disputes can be referred to the council of the Rotary Clubs of Carlton and Trent Bridge and their decisions are final. 

12. The sale of tickets is arranged under the Gambling Act 2007. Rotary Clubs of Carlton and Trent Bridge have registered with Nottingham City Council for this event, which will be conducted in accordance with the rules set out by the Council.

13. In the event of the Duck Race not taking place, the winner will be determined by an independent ballot.

Registered Charity Numbers 1047317, 1015321.